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Sometimes God calls ordinary people who are curious about how they might make a difference to serve in simple, yet extraordinary, ways. This happened to the founder of the Belize Mission Society, Miss Sue, when she first visited Seine Bight in 2002. As she and others listened to this call, befriending local villagers in the community, they often heard of “a darkness and lack of hope for our children.” 


Our presence in Belize started in 2003, with a Vacation Bible School that provided hope to many children. One hundred eighty kids happily engaged with seven volunteers who served without special training but simply a desire to “let light shine out of darkness.” (2 Corinthians 4:6) Over 100 trips later, Vacation Bible School is the cornerstone of the largest mission trip in July with over 400 children being served by over 40 volunteers! We are there 12+ times per year (16 teams in 2019) and have regular interaction with our friends in the village. The adults and youth of the Village work side by side with short-term teams to build capacity and sustainability.  The scope has expanded over the years with the addition of construction, home health visits, tutoring students, adult and youth Bible study, sports camps, an elementary school feeding program and scholarship programs.

The mission society has integrity in the eyes of the community.  There is a high level of trust because the organization has delivered on the promises that have been made. Our relationship with various members of the community is built on a basis of respect from the mission society for the local community.  

The mission has grown and expanded!  The BMS has grown from one congregation participating in short-term mission work to over 25 congregations being represented in the field.  Relationships have grown with a connection between schools in the United States and in Belize through video chat and penpals.  

The Belize Mission Society has been a partner of the Belize FORO since its inception in Fall 2013.   The mission of the Belize FORO is to spread the Gospel, plant Lutheran churches, and show mercy.  We are excited and proud to work alongside the missionaries on the ground in Belize.  For more information about our mission partners visit their information pages:   Pastor Herb Burch   Pastor Micah Wildauer 

Passionate Believers Transforming Lives Through Life Together

Our Mission

Our Mission

Passionate Believers Transforming Lives

Through Life Together.


Our Vision

Relationships are our firm foundation.  We build on those relationships through the sharing of the Word,

  providing mercy care through Christian education, scholarship programs, feeding programs, health care, and construction projects.  

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Palm Tree

By looking at the palm tree, God can speak to our needs.  We just need to remember to seek His lessons for us daily.  Learn more about what being a "palm tree" means to mission team participants.


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